Marc Gomersbach


Who am I?

Just need to see the resume? Here's an English and Dutch version.

I'm Marc Gomersbach and I'm currently 30 years old. Raised and currently living in the Netherlands. My passion for games started early in my childhood, but that doesn't automatically mean you have it to create games. Besides playing them, I also started changing games at the age of 10. It started simple; editing textures of a weapon, to eventually my own levels in Unreal Tournament 2004. After that I toyed around in XSI, an old modelling software, for a few months. Back then, I was basically trying out everything that seemed interesting to me.

However my passion for developing games really picked up after the Game-Developer course on the GLU (MBO). From there I discovered that programming was actually what I was the most passioned about, and thus it became my main focus in creating games. However I still like to dabble in the other fields within game-development. Jack of all trades, but with my specality still being on programming. As shown below with projects, I'm eager to pick up and learn new things for projects and to develop my skill set.


So what can you do?


Here's a list of what I can do that might interest you (which is an extended list of my resume);

Some older experiences that are less relevant (older engines);