Marc Gomersbach


The Global Game Jam 2016

Life after Death


Back in 2016, myself and four other students participated in our very first Game Jam. Back then, we were still relatively new to Unity. The theme of the Game Jam was Rituals.

In Life after Death, the player intially starts in a top-down hack 'n slash game, where waves of enemies come and attack the player. They eventually become too strong for the player, and they will eventually die. And as the title suggests, that's where it begins.

After dying, the player can allocate points (that he/she earned by killing monsters) into three attributes. And to preform the ritual to come back to life, the player has to defeat a boss. Once defeated, the player may return to life and fight yet again, now much stronger. However, once the player dies during the boss fight, it is game over.

The game was made in just two days. I was in charge of the player functionality (moving, slashing) and the scaling of difficulty.

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