Marc Gomersbach


College Project

'The ProCare Effect'


I worked on this project for my minor in Virtual Reality along with four other students.

The application is basically a showcase of the products ProCare are selling. Our way of spicing it up was to take full advantage of the medium by creating fun and engaging environments and tie them to the machine.

For example, turning off gravity to bring across the sense of weightlessness one would get when using AlterG's Anti-Gravity treadmill. Out of the six products, we managed to finish at least one. The previously mentioned Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Along with another game-dev student, I was in charge of putting all the assets together. While also learning to work with a clothing program (CLO3D/Marvelous Designer) as well as Substance Painter. Both of which were very fascinating to learn and to use.

A short demo of the finished scene can be viewed here: